Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

:::TAA::: #27 What a Wonderful Dream It Has Been

So sorry, but this chapter #27 What a Wonderful Dream It Has Been over at The Altered Alice is the last regular sheduled challenge and I'm joining it just in time ;)
For this card I used a technique which I learnt at the Art Specially in Zeist last year, very easy... You only need masking tape, watercolor paper and DistressStains. First of all you torn the masking tape into small stripes. Then stick it one or two times onto your craft sheet or your jeans (so the tape won't be too sticky) and stick it onto your card. Then color the fields with different DistressStains and let dry. After the stamping you have to remove the masking tape carefully (hey, great effect). For the final touch you may use a black fineliner and draw along the lines.

Mit diesem Kapitel gehen die regelmäßigen Herausforderungen bei The Altered Alice zuende. Auf den letzten Metern kommt meine Alicekarte in einer Technik, die im letzten (!) Jahr in Zeist gezeigt wurde.